What happens next?


I'll reply to your voicemail, text or email as soon as I can and answer any questions you may have.

I then offer an initial session, by phone, zoom or in person, as appropriate, for us to explore working together, which I charge for. There's some "paperwork" for me to tell you about, but mostly, you'll have time to tell me a bit about yourself, what's troubling you and what you hope to get from therapy.

If you prefer, we could arrange a free ten minute phone call to help you decide if you want an initial session.

After that, if you decide to go ahead, I'll book weekly appointments (same day, same time) that suit us both, and our work together will begin.

Using zoom:

Zoom is secure and easy to use. I'll send you a link beforehand, to click on about five minutes before our session, which takes you to zoom. Follow the instructions that appear in the dialog box. If you're new to zoom, you’ll be invited to click on a link to download it first. You can check your sound system, see a video preview of yourself, and be placed in a waiting room. I'll let you in at our appointment time, and at the end of the session, you will press the red leave button to leave the session. The start and end of zoom meetings can feel sudden and abrupt. You will need to arrange to have a private room for the session, where you won't be overheard or interrupted, so that you can express yourself freely and your work remains confidential. Some private settling time beforehand and afterwards is helpful and if you have carer responsibilities, please arrange cover for those, so you can relax into your time without distractions.

How to Contact Me

 Mary Mortimer, counsellor, standing in gardens.