How I Work

  • One-to-one with adults of 18 and over
  • Weekly sessions lasting 50 minutes
  • On a regular day and time
  • Online via Zoom or on the phone at present, during the coronavirus episode
  • The option of moving towards face-to-face sessions when the time feels right to us both
  • In-person sessions will be in a dedicated ground floor room in Potterne, close to Devizes, or in a first floor consulting room in central Bath.

Fees: £35 per 50 minute session

What is Counselling?

I believe we all know, deep inside, how we want to grow and develop. With the right support, we have the power and drive to become our true selves. 

In counselling, we're basically two people, talking together in a room. My job is to understand you and your world from your point of view, and help you explore your thoughts and feelings without judging you or giving advice.

You may chose time-limited work, say 6 or 12 sessions, to explore a specific problem, such as bereavement, work stress or sleeplessness.

Open-ended rather than time limited therapy gives us the space to work on a broad and deep level, about anything in any session. We work with whatever comes up in sessions, talking through the tough times and celebrating the good. Sometimes it's surprising!

As we get to know each other, we build a picture or story that helps to "make sense". Clients often discover that childhood and past experiences and relationships are affecting life in the present. Recognising patterns of relating can lead to deeper self-awareness and discovering a wider choice of responses and decisions. With a clearer sense of yourself in your world and relationships, you can be kinder to yourself and find peace of mind and a sure sense of direction.

Crop Circle

"What therapy offers isn't a doctor to cure him [or her] but a fellow human being who will understand his longings, hopes and fears, someone who will be right there with him as he struggles to work out a happier, healthier way of being with himself and with others in the world."  
Patricia A DeYoung (2015)